Delta River Cruisin' VIII


Well, it's almost the end of summer, and that means it's time for the annual Delta River Crusin' show at Sam's Town in Tunica. I could only make it to the Friday set-up day, but there was already a big influx of fine automobiles on hand at the casino.


I like this show for a real obvious reason... there's lots of very slick cars on hand. Upwards of 1000 every year. That makes this one of the largest shows (if not the largest) that takes place within the general vicinity of Memphis on an annual basis.


More things to like about this show include the stress free "no awards" format. I guess that makes it questionable to even call this deal a "show", but I think it's great to see this many car people get together with nothing much to do except socialize and check out each others rides before and after visits to the gambling hall. There's some reasonably tasty food at all these casinos, and nightlife entertainment is usually available at the host casino as well as others that are within spitting distance of Sam's Town. Not everyone goes home empty handed though, as several door prizes and cash "perks" are doled out throughout the day on Saturday.


There's always some really unusual stuff on hand when this many gearheads get together. This year saw a pretty heavy dose of "rat rods". and a noticeable trend towards building stations wagons, and sixties era American econo cars into fun cruisers. The guy who "re-purposed" a perfectly good small block Chevy motor by turning it into a rolling barstool and sitting on the air cleaner as he "drove" may get the award for the freakiest contraption on the casino grounds though.


If I were being picky, I'd have to point out a few personal pet peeves that appear when this many cars gather in such a place. Namely, the lot is too small (in my opinion) to make for a good display. Maybe it's because I'm making photos that I take notice, but there are cars parked in this lot like they are at the demon Wal-Mart. An uninhibited view of most any car on hand is pretty close to impossible. Adding to the clutter are the so in vogue EZ-up awnings that may actually outnumber the cars. Makes the place look like a refugee camp. These instant tents also become airborne missiles if the weather gets stormy on short notice. Might I suggest to whoever makes such decisions, that using more of the perimeter grass for parking, or even using the former Isle of Capri casino lot adjacent to Sam's Town could be useful. That might put a little more space between the rides and the owners "camp sites". Don't forget, there is a really nice casino building right there if you need to sit down and relax. One last suggestion to my fellow car buffs... If you want to sell your car, be discreet. The real estate size for sale signs are almost as unsightly as the dreaded cry dolls. I make such suggestions only to enhance the car showing experience. Emphasis on the cars. That is, if I were being picky.

Still, it's always a pleasure to witness this many fine cars in one place. Makes me want to travel about and see all the big shows. What a life. You can see more photos here in our photo gallery.


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