Show-n-Shine Town Village Audubon Park  5/14/2016

Town Village

Memphis Classic Chevys hosted a Show and Shine at the Town Village Audubon Park May 14th 2016.



Faith Baptist Classic Car and Bike Show 4/23/2016

Faith Baptist

We had a great turn out on a beautiful day for the Faith Baptist Car Show. We registered nearly 100 cars! All the proceeds will go to the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home.  Many thanks to all who participated, worked, and came out to the car show!!!!



Bartlett Cruise-In -- April 2016

Bartlett Cruise-In

Come join us at 4210 Alturia on Thursday's from 5pm-9pm.  Cafe 4210 is serving up some great food at great prices! Hope to see you there!


The City of Bartlett's 150th Anniversary Celebration -- April 16-17 2016

Bartlett 150 Anniversary

Memphis Classic Chevys celebrated Bartlett's 150th Anniversary on April 16th and 17th.



Bartlett Cruise-In Update -- New Location for 2016 

The Memphis Classic Chevy Club has found an owner willing to share his parking lot with us!!!

Our new cruise in site starting Thursday, March 3rd, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, weather permitting is at 4210 Alturia Road, Bartlett (Alturia & Egypt Central). There is plenty of parking there, some shade and we will have Bartlett Police on site to ensure we are all safe and the wrong crowd doesn't ruin this spot for us.

The old site at the corner of Kirby Whitten and Stage is no more. Please do not go there, the owner has been good to us for 10 years but some of the businesses do not want us back. We are told Police will monitor that lot to ensure no one parks there.

We found a new location with plenty of parking, shade, and Cafe 4210 will have cruise in specials coming soon. They need to see a good turn out before they commit on a menu. Most of the businesses close at 5, so we will have that big parking lot to ourselves with no traffic concerns!

Hope the weather looks good and everyone can come out!!!! Please pass the word. See you all there.

David Fulcher
MCCC Membership Director


Bartlett Christmas Parade 12/5/2015

Bartlett Christmas Parade

Memphis Classic Chevy Club  participating in the Bartlet Christmas Parade.


Fall Festival Car & Bike Show 10/17/2015

Updated - 10/12/15 08:00

Fall Festival Car Show

Memphis Classic Chevy Club  hosted the  Fall Festival Classic Car and Bike Show on October 17th 2015 at the TN Baptist Children's Home located @ 6896 Hignway 70 in Bartlett TN.


Cordova Classic Car & Bike Show 10/3/2015

Updated - 01/10/16 12:00

Cordova Car Show

Memphis Classic Chevy Club  and the Shelby County Street Rodders hosted the Cordova Classic Car and Bike Show on October 3rd 2015.


Bartlett Festival Car & Bike Show 09/26/2015

Updated - 08/28/15 12:00

Bartlett Festival

Memphis Classic Chevy Club hosted the Bartlett Festival Car and Bike Show on September 26h 2015 at Freeman Park on Bartlett Blvd..



Culpepper Place Show-n-Shine  06/27/2015

Updated - 06/30/15 14:00

Memphis Classic Chevy Club hosted a Show and Shine at the Culpepper Place of Collierville on June 27th 2015.


Ave Maria Show-n-Shine  06/06/2015

Updated - 06/14/15 14:00

Memphis Classic Chevy Club hosted a Show and Shine at the Ave Maria Home on June 6th 2015.  


Landers Center - "Worlds Largest Yard Sale and Crafts Fair"  05/30/2015

Updated - 06/04/15 10:30

Landers Center

Memphis Classic Chevy Club hosted a Show and Shine at the Landers Center "World's Largest Yard Sale and Crafts Fair" on May 30th 2015.


Faith Baptist Car & Bike Show 04/25/2015

Updated - 05/10/15 10:30

Faith Baptist

Memphis Classic Chevy Club hosted the Faith Baptist Car and Bike Show on April 25h 2015.


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